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Tasi Sea Salts

Tasi Sea Salts

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Locally made sea salts in 3.75 oz bags.

Choose from a variety of flavors!

Achiote Salt

World's first and only achiote salt. A mildly sweet and peppery flavor great for roasting and grilling chicken, pork, and veggies.

Ingredients: Achiote, sea salt

Dokngos Salt

Adds a stunning color and texture to any meal. Great for seasonings, amazing presentations, and detox diets.

Ingredients: Coconut charcoal activated, sea salt

Hibiscus Salt

Made with dried hibiscus flowers which gives it a flowery aroma, beautiful color, sweet and tart flavor. Perfect for veggies and cocktails

Ingredients: Sea salt, hibiscus

Roasted Garlic Salt

The bold flavor of roasted garlic enhances any meat and vegetable. Try some the next time you make garlic bread.

Ingredients: Roasted garlic, parsley flakes, sea salt


Ingredients: Sea salt